The Art of Brand Storytelling

Creative copy for brands & entrepreneurs


Hi, I’m Cinzia DuBois, a creative freelance copywriter, Editor and content writer in Edinburgh.
I specialise in writing about personal development, psychology, mental health and
mindful wellbeing for life coaches, entrepreneurs, businesses, instructors, practitioners and charities.

Since 2018, I’ve proudly partnered with some of the world’s leading experts, businesses and authors in
personal development, mental health and life coaching, writing high-converting sales copy and transformative ebooks and workbooks and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

My job is to listen to you and get under the skin of your business —whether you’re an agency, brand,
or entrepreneur. I understand how to make a brand stand out. Through the art of storytelling, I help
brands identify and translate their story, tone and voice into effective and creative marketing.



Whether you need copy for your website, branding and marketing, blog posts which hit your SEO, ebooks, sale-converting email campaigns, or workbooks for your potential clientele, I’ll work with you to compose copy which is dynamic, stylish, innovative and according to your standards. I’m all about curating digital influence, building brand hype and crafting creative yet authentic marketing campaigns.

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What is a creative copywriter?

Basically? A word nerd. My power is creating online community, credibility and conversions with meaningful and powerful language. I’ve had the pleasure of writing articles, sales funnels, ebooks, workbooks, advertising copy, and email campaigns for some of the world’s leading personal development business and entrepreneurs, helping spread empowering ideas and courses which completely transform people’s lives.


content writing

Confession time: I’m a major productivity and personal development geek. Therefore I write about it… a lot. My extensive repertoire of interests – psychology, philosophy, productivity, sales and writing – makes me an eclectic but passionate writer. I love studying the intricacies of the human condition, the unconscious motivations behind why we act and feel the way we do and the philosophy of human experience in this chaotically load digital and consumerist world.


about me

Whilst you may get tempted to skim over this section on a dating app (because they’re hot, am I right?), knowing a little more about who the person you’re entering a relationship with (strictly business, of course) is pretty important. After all, how else will you know whether or not you’re going to like working together?