It's not a secret that books saved my life. Books are the only reason I'm here today. Before I discovered literature I had no direction or purpose in life. Had it not been for Coralie Bickford-Smith's book designs I would never have discovered the meaning of my life. My passion for literature and the power of story-telling informs everything I do in life, including my discovery of the beautiful power of social media and its potential to inspire lives and businesses.

As a literary agent I prioritise only representing minority writers, specifically women and writers of colour. Supporting and encouraging writers from marginalised communities is very important to me, and I believe it to be an honour to help in any possible way I can to assist in diversifying the literary world.

I have earned a BA in English Literature and Classics from the University of Birmingham and MSc in Literature and Modernity from Edinburgh University.

I worked as a bookseller and Philosophy Book Buyer for five years and I currently run a Youtube channel where I talk all things books and produce weekly bite-size video essays on literary theories and philosophical concepts. I am also the producer of the essay podcast series 100% Recycled Words.

Tell your story by talking about when and how it all started, what you’ve accomplished since then, and what you’re striving to achieve in the future. Set yourself apart by going into detail about what your idea stands for and why it’s important.