Who am I? In short, a bookish and nerdy writer obsessed with all things personal development, productivity, mental health awareness, mindfulness, philosophy and literature.

As a freelance copywriter & editor based in Edinburgh, most of my clientele are situated across Scotland (primarily Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dunfermline), but I also adore working with businesses and entrepreneurs making waves down in London.

In 2017, after five years of bookselling, I decided to finally take a risk, wave farewell to stability and take the plunge into the freelance writing world. After a spending a life in self-doubt, it was time I reclaimed my life, pick up my pen (erm.. laptop) and get writing. I haven’t looked back since!

My copywriting career has given me the most incredible opportunities to work alongside some of the world’s most renowned and inspiring life coaches and entrepreneur who introduced me to the world of self-development and growth. In short, I’m a word nerd passionate about psychology, personal development, productivity and marketing.