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The Importance of Doing Things You’re Bad At

When was the last time you threw your whole-heart and passion into something you knew you would be awful at? And when I say awful I mean fall-flat-on-your-face-so-hard-you’d-become-a-viral-meme-on-the-internet awful. Not any time recently? Don’t blame you, not many people are willing to dedicate time and enthused energy into imminent failure.

I’m a career-focussed woman: all my energies and hobbies are tailored towards either personal or professional growth. I spend my spare-time researching productivity methods, reading books, writing articles and video scripts to improve my writing.

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Stop Being Nice*

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “Nice guys finish last”, and whilst its usual context and target audience is men in the dating world, the phrase is applicable to nice people in general. I’m afraid I have to turn to my own personal experience and be brutally honest with you, reader: getting nice never got me anywhere, and trust me, I was one of the nicest people you would ever meet.

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