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Freelance Copy Writing

Do you want your brand to communicate its values and personality through creative and authentic writing?


As a creative copywriter, I ensure your brand’s voice is consistent across platforms—websites, email campaigns, ebooks, articles or adverts—while adjusting the tone to suit each context and target audience. Whether you’re starting out or need to refresh your brand’s communication, I can help you create and style your brand’s written personality.

Use the menu above to find more details about my freelance copywriting services, then drop me an email.
I’ll send you a proposal detailing the stages of work and estimated costs. Once you’re happy, I’ll send over a client briefing template which will help me learn more about your brand values, positioning, offering, target audience, competition and business goals.


Freelance Copy Editing & Proofreading


Have a workbook, website or a few articles which need polishing? Maybe you need someone to look over your weekly scheduled tweets, course descriptions or instagram posts. I help brands, businesses and entrepreneurs tidy and jazz up their existing work to not only look professional, but to sound engaging, exciting, passionate and informative to their readers and potential customers.

If you are looking for creative and captivating, content-driven writing to connect with your customers and clients in an effective way, feel free to drop me an email; I would be delighted to help your company find its voice and tell its story.

Copy-editing — Assignments quoted individually. Drop me an email with details of your project and I will get back to you with information on pricing and options suitable for your budget.


Freelance Ghost Writing Services


You have a mind full of ideas that deserve being captured. Everyone has a book in them, but not everyone has the time to write it: some people are too busy, whilst others aren’t confident in their writing ability.

Whether you’ve gone through experiences that have taught you changing lessons you wish to share with the world or simply want to establish yourself as an authority in your field, a ghostwriter can assist you from start to finish: from conceptualisation to the final edit.


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