Ghost Writing Services

Ghostwriter or Co-Writer of e-books & blogs for Non-fiction.
(Psychology, Self-development, Self-help, Productivity, Marketing, Diet & Health & More)


You have a mind full of ideas that deserve being captured. Everyone has a book in them, but not everyone has the time to write it: some people are too busy, whilst others aren’t confident in their writing abilities.

Whether you’ve gone through experiences that have taught you changing lessons you wish to share with the world or simply want to establish yourself as an authority in your field, a ghostwriter can assist you from start to finish: from conceptualisation to the final edit.

My services are primarily geared toward the following:

  • Ghostwriting (where the client is the only name recognised in the final book)

  • Co-writing 

  • Personal Development/Self-Help e-books – I largely work with life coaches, entrepreneurs and practitioners who share what they’ve learned and who wish to establish themselves an an authority in their sector.

  • Structural Editor 

What is a Ghostwriter?

It’s pretty self-explanatory: a ghostwriter is a writer who writes on behalf of others. I ghostwrite non-books, memoirs, biographies, articles, etc, for other people under their name. Not everyone has the ability to write, and that’s ok! Not having a flair for writing shouldn’t mean that someone’s story shouldn’t be heard: that’s why people like me exist! I’m here to write your stories in your tone, voice and manner. In fact, because of the chameleonic nature of my work, I think the title ‘Shadow writer’ is more befitting (but it wouldn’t serve my SEO very well…).

Whilst most people out there understand that the majority of celebrities are too busy to write their own memoirs, very few realise how many people are too busy to write. Many would be shocked to find out how many famous authors have a team of ghost writers behind them because their fame exceeds their writing abilities. Despite the public’s subconscious acceptance that many books are ghostwritten, it’s still a taboo issue, which is why many clients employ ghostwriting services alongside an NDA.

That said, my current client changed their mind after getting to know me and proudly asked if I would be co-author of their work. That can be the beauty of collaboration, and it also bodes well with readers, who appreciate transparency.

So, you need someone to get your idea out of your head and onto paper? Get in touch and we can start finally getting your book into motion.