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With an MSc in English Literature and experience in editorial intern positions at Penguin Books, The Guardian Newspaper and Icon books, as well as a wealth of experience drawn from my experience as a literary agent working in proofreading roles for companies, I offer a range of editorial services to students, writers and companies.

  • All manuscripts (essays, dissertations, novels, non-fiction, short stories, children’s fiction, novellas, etc.) £180 base fee, then £4 per thousand words. (Discounts are available for longer work.)
  • Mini critique (Opening chunk review / Agent submission review.) £150. You can send either:+ Opening chunk review: your first few chapters, up to 8,000 words.+ Agent submission review: your covering letter to an agent, your draft synopsis, and opening 5,000 words of your novel or non-fiction MS.

I currently write literary and philosophically orientated cultural commentary pieces for The Unemployed Philosopher YouTube channel and regularly write literature reviews, poetry and articles on arts and culture. I have been published by The Ogilvie, AREA Arts and Culture Mag and FUSED.




If you are looking for creative and captivating, content-driven writing to connect with your customers and clients in an effective way feel free to drop me an email; I would be delighted to help your company find its voice and tell its story.

Copy-editing — Assignments quoted individually. Drop me an email with details of your project and I will get back to you with information on pricing and options suitable for your budget.


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I can also be hired to deliver creative writing courses, workshops on creative writing and content creation, or one-off sessions, on essay writing, poetry, fiction or personal writing. If you’re an individual who wants writing guidance (everything from essay writing, planning, researching and structuring, to finding inspiration or overcoming writer’s block), I am happy to offer one-to-one mentoring sessions via Skype.

If you are interested in my mentoring services and would like more information on pricing, send me an email.