video script copywriting


Video is my little passion project. I have been writing and producing video scripts for nine years and it’s something I adore helping others with.

Video is one of the most effective and personal ways to engage with your audience, boost your SEO and showcase your company’s values, ethos and personality.

Even the shortest of videos can be the most powerful assets on your website: they give you the opportunity to showcase your products, demonstrate your brand’s creativity and summarise what’s important to you.

But does cramming all of that into a 90 second video freak you out a little? Don’t worry, these are the challenges I live for.

Google loves video

Google measures metrics such as ‘time spent on a site’, and you know what keeps people on a site longer? Videos. Having videos on your site not only gives your professional profile an impressive edge, it plays in favour to Google’s algorithmic assessment, meaning your site will rank higher.

How to write a video script

Video scripts need to a perfect blend of information, entertainment and conversation. They not only need to capture your customer’s attention, they need to speak directly to them.

Your video needs to focus on informing your target audience why your brand is most suited to meeting their needs and why they should invest their trust in you.

I will help you write a script which clarifies your core message and USPs in a succinct and engaging way.  

So, do we sound like a good team? Get in touch and we can talk through what your video project and script needs are.