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I am a freelance social media specialist who is dedicated to more than just managing your brand’s social media profiles: I'm an expert in the art of storytelling, and I am here to help you find your voice and tell your story. Whether you're a startup, nonprofit, author or renowned brand, I will work tirelessly create fresh and engaging content for your website, blog and newsletter. I am a passionate advocate for organisations embracing a creative and personable digital marketing strategies; so from engaging videos to eye-catching graphics, I am here to help you bring your brand's character to life.

Using my deep understanding of social media I will work closely with you (and your team) to understand your brand's goals and develop strategies to tell your story, communicate you values to your consumers, and help your business grow. I'm not just a content producer. I'm a creative writer and communicator dedicated to producing content to help your businesses succeed.

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What I offer:

  • Social media account setup
  • Management of multiple social media channels
  • Scheduling posts on all your platforms
  • Editorial content calendar creation
  • Management of giveaways and contests
  • Creation of graphics for social media posts
  • Creation of unique and engaging posts
  • Interested in hiring me for your project? Get in touch

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2018 is the year of video. From live streaming to Youtube videos, the world runs off video material. Video is an essential investment for any business, and is arguably the most impactful and  powerful tool your business could invest in. Having over eight years of video editing experience using iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and having created content which has reached over 85K viewers across the world, I am exceptionally well versed in the video world. Not all business can afford to invest in hundreds or even thousands into camera equipment and editing software, nor do they have the time to invest in formulating, scripting, filming and editing videos. If you want advice on how you can incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy, or need to hire a freelance videographer for a project, get in touch.

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  • Branding & identity design
  • Social media graphics
  • Design for print incl. book covers
  • Illustration
  • Signage and display graphics

It's near impossible to create a definitive list of prices for my design services as every job is unique in its requirements. Drop me an email with details of your project and I will get back to you with information on pricing and options suitable for your budget.



All roads lead to Rome, which is precisely how you should visualise the relationship between your social media platforms and your website. There's no point having an incredible social media strategy in place if your audience follows through to an underwhelming, disappointing website. Your  website is essential, it's the hub of your product. I can build basic WordPress and SquareSpace sites, as well as produce graphics accordingly to bring your site to life and give it the personality your business needs. I am also able to draft all the necessary copy for your website, but all text will be dutifully passed onto you in order to ensure you maintain complete control of your website. Project prices vary, so feel free to contact me for more information. 

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Social media can be confusing and daunting for those just starting out with their business. With all the social media platforms out there, it can feel challenging to figure out which ones are best for your business, and the time that it takes to manage them all can feel overwhelming. Whether you're stuck on what content you want to produce, need some inspirational content ideas, or a digital marketing strategy, I'm available for consultation appointments. Prices vary depending on your businesses' needs, so if you'd like my insight and guidance and book a consultation, please get in contact and we can discuss your organisation's needs and budget.

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